PRESS RELEASE 30.10.2017
Upon the recent announcement by Malta’s food bank in a national newspaper that they may need to shut down due to a lack of generosity, Malta’s National Youth Council (KNZ) is calling for both a legislative and cultural change. 
We propose that restaurants and food vendors should donate left over food that they may not resell to voluntary organisations and NGOs who serve food to the less fortunate, instead of being thrown away. This would be food that have exceeded their shelf date but not their expiry date so as to still comply with current food regulation. 
A law had been adopted in France in 2016 stating that large shops are no longer allowed to throw away good quality food approaching its best before date. This has already been proposed by the Mayor of Valletta Prof Alexiei Dingli however unfortunately no MP has made this proposal his own and presented it to Parliament. 
We therefore ask that the Maltese Parliament implement a similar law in our islands. Furthermore, the Council calls upon food establishments to take up a proactive approach and lead by example before this is taken up by the government and ratified into Maltese Law.


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