The National Youth Council (KNŻ) is:
• A voluntary and autonomous NGO
• A leading actor in Maltese Civil Society
• A forum for dialogue for young people, organisations and youth in general
• A channel of information and opinions between young people and decision makers
• A representative body of young people’s interests

Statutory Bodies

The General Assembly

The highest Organ of the National Youth Council and has the authority to decide on any matter raised

Composed of Representatives of each member organisation, together with the Executive Committee

Amongst other functions, the General assembly is responsible for:
• The admission of new members in the National Youth Council
• Appointing the Executive Committee for the upcoming term
• Approving the Annual Report of the preceding year
• Approving the Financial Report of the preceding year
• Appointing the Vigilance Board for the upcoming term
• Appointing the Auditors for the upcoming year
The Annual General Assembly meets in November

The Extraordinary General Assembly may convene whenever this is requested by a simple majority of members during the Organisations' Committee, the Executive Committee, or the Vigilance Board or else by 40% of all members within KNŻ

The Organisations' Committee

Composed of the Executive Committee and a representative of each Member Organisation is convened at least once every three months

May also be convened by the Executive Committee whenever a demand is made by at least 5 Member Organisations

The Organisations' Committee is responsible for:
• Discussing and deciding any issue raised by the Executive Committe or the Member Organisations
• During the first meeting after the General Assembly, approving the Work plan proposed by the Executive Committee
• Drafting and adopting any policies or regulations upon a recommendation made by the Executive Committee

The International Committee

Is appointed by the Executive Committee by not later than one month after the General Assembly

Composed of :
• The International Secretary of the Executive Committee as Chaiperson
• Any other Member from the Executive Committee as Vice-Chair
• The President and the Secretary General of the Executive Committee, or their representatives, ex-officio
• Two representatives appointed by the Organisations' Committee
• Representatives of the National Youth Council elected in any European Youth Forum Organ (if any)
• Other persons, as appointed by the Executive Committee, who have gathered experience in International Relations and are currently elected or appointed to represent their organisation in an International Organisation
• International Secretaries of Member Organisations who want to join the International Committee

The International Committee is convened according to whenever this is necessary, but must be convened prior to any statutory meeting of the European Youth Forum

The Vigilance Board

Is appointed and approved by the General Assembly
Amongst its functions, it is responsible to:
• Decide on any disciplinary issue raised by the Executive Committee, the Organisations' Committee or any Member Organisation
• Assure that the National Youth Council's Statute is not infringed and also give its interpretation on its provisions whenever this is requested

Composed of a Chairperson and two other members, together with a supplementary member.
Members of the Vigilance Board may not be members of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is generally responsible for the administrative and executive direction of the Council
• Is elected and approved by the General Assembly
• Convenes at least once monthly
• Holds a term of two years

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