On the 22nd December, 2018, 49 migrants were saved off the shores of Malta, and were left in limbo for over 19 days, with limited resources and an uncertain future. Although the situation was solved after almost three weeks of uncertainty, it is clear that such issues can no longer be solved on an ad-hoc basis, and European leaders must step up in facing the crisis at hand, instead leaving the problems to be solved by Member states which are at the border of the European Union.

Migration is a European crisis, one that needs to be treated as a major priority by the Union and its member states. Lives matter, irrespective of one’s nationality, race, sexuality, gender or country of origin, and whilst we don’t get to choose where we are born, we do get to decide to save those born into persecution.

The Union was founded on the principles of safeguarding human rights and basic democratic freedoms, and therefore it is eminent for all European governments work together to find a long-term solution to this humanitarian crisis, instead of reactively settling for an ad-hoc solution with every migrant arrival.

As youth, we refuse to be remembered as a generation which sat by and watched as human lives were used as political pawns, and demand concrete solutions for all European leaders to avoid risking further lives at sea. Thousands of souls have already been lost on European borders due to our inaction and apathy, and it is high time we recognized that Member states at the Southern and Eastern neighborhood of the European Union, are European borders, making migration a common concern amongst all European States.

In light of this, KNZ Malta shall be getting in contact with all of the EU’s National Youth Councils, with the aim of pressuring European leaders to place migration on the top of the agenda, with the hope of finding a European solution to this crisis

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