The NYP is an annual event by KNZ and has been organised for the past ... years, year in, year out. It falls under the direct responsibility of our National Officer who is responsible of organising this annual event. The NYP gives the opportunity to youths aged between 13 - 35 to join themed 'parties' and draft their resolution, this will culminate in a session in parliament in which the motion is presented, debated, voted upon.

Later on the resolutions are presented to the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and the President on separate specifically organised events. Prior to the actual debate session in parliament, various workshops are prepared by KNZ to help our participants develop further their skills and to help them enjoy the whole process as much as possible.

National Youth Parliament Resolutions 2018

Media and Journalism in Malta
Strategy for Development Planning in Malta
Vote 16: Civic Education
Mental Health in Malta
Prostitution Law Reform
Legalisation of Marijuana

National Youth Parliament Resolutions 2017

Culture and Innovation in Malta
Youth and employment
Climate Change: Are there any solutions?
Migration and Humanitarian Protection
Decentralisation and Devolution of Power in Gozo
Sex Health and Reproduction in Malta

National Youth Parliament Resolutions 2016

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